About Us

Desai Business Consultancy Ltd is Marketing Consultants which aims to provide marketing services to Small Scale Business and Medium Scale Business in London. This plan seeks to generate a significant increase in company sales and profits from the delivery of retainer consulting, project consulting, market research and industrial analysis, feasibility studies, and strategic analysis and reporting services, compared to the preceding year.

The highlights of this plan are the targeted gross margin and sales-revenue. The targeted gross margin and sales-revenue for each of the first three years of this plan are presented in the following chart and the tables presented later in this plan. These figures represent the key prospects available for Desai Business Consultancy Ltd Marketing Consultants. These targets are attainable through a proactive approach to the candidacy of clients, teaming-up with technology providers, improve pricing, and reduce risks.

Desai Business Consultancy Ltd feels that it is able to fill the hole in the marketing niche.

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